UCSF Alumni Advocates

Remind policymakers why UCSF is critical to education and health in California.

The decisions made by lawmakers at the city, state, and federal level can have a major impact on UCSF and our community. Now more than ever, we need to turn up our volume to remind policymakers of the impact that UCSF and its alumni have around the world.

As a member of our alumni advocacy program, you can help to remind local, state, and federal leaders about the important role the university plays in your life and community – helping them make decisions that benefit students, trainees, patients, alumni, and faculty and staff members.

You’ll also be one of the first to know about legislative issues affecting UCSF and the UC system, including state budget, research, education, enrollment, student and faculty diversity, and of course health care.

What Can I Do?

  • Become a UCSF Advocate and learn more about opportunities to connect with lawmakers, engage in policy change, and participate in advocacy trainings and events.
  • Find your California representative and write letters/emails or make phone calls to your elected officials.
  • Take part in lobbying activities such as our annual UC Advocacy Day in Sacramento.
  • Attend special events for alumni interested in advocacy efforts.
We need your voice now more than ever before!
Become an Advocate