Host an Event

Bringing local alums together to network, share knowledge, and raise funds for UCSF is a wonderful way to show your support!

Alumni-hosted events allow us to expand our reach and reconnect with alumni near and far. 

We’ve put together an “Event-in-a-Box” toolkit to help our alumni hosts throw successful get-togethers with all the right ingredients.

We’re also happy to offer one-on-one guidance at crucial stages throughout the event-planning process. 

I’d love to host an event for UCSF! How do I get my Event-in-a-Box?

Before we send out an Event-in-a-Box, we like to touch base to ensure that an event is the right way for us to partner.

Attendance is a crucial component of any successful event, so we ask that you contact the Alumni Relations office to get a sense of the number of alumni who live in and around your area before you start planning.

Once you’ve determined that there is an audience for your event, please complete an Event-in-a-Box application form. Ideally, we’ll receive your form at least eight weeks prior to your planned event date.

What’s in the Event-in-a-Box?

Hosting an event in UCSF’s honor gives you access to the following materials:

  • Name tags
  • UCSF collateral (e.g. copies of UCSF Magazine, flyers, and other brochures)
  • Giveaways, such as pennants, pens, luggage tags, and magnets
  • UCSF pins
  • Event decorations
  • Sign-in sheets

Will UCSF provide a budget for the event?

We’re pleased to offer most hosts an event budget. While budgets vary by event type, location, and other factors, we typically offer $20 per event attendee.

Will the Alumni Relations team help me with my event?

We want your event to be a success, and we’re happy to offer limited support.

  • We’ll send Event-in-a-Box supplies to you or your event planner.
  • Take registrations via our event registration system.
  • Help you with event logistics, such as guest list contacts, catering selection, and location selection.
  • Provide additional support, as available, to make your event a success.

My event has been approved! What do I do now?

  1. Contact your venue to reserve space and determine the price per person.
  2. Work with the Alumni Relations office to finalize the contract with your venue (if applicable) and coordinate logistics.
  3. If food is not available at the venue, contact a local caterer or restaurant to research food and beverage options. The venue may have a list of approved caterers.
  4. Work with the UCSF Alumni Relations team to email local alumni and promote your event.
  5. Determine your volunteer job needs, such as registration, decorating, photography, and clean up.
  6. Ask fellow local alumni to help with the identified volunteer needs.

What else do I need to know to host a great event?

Know your audience. Will your event appeal to young professionals, older alumni, or families? Your event may have something for everyone, but every event does not have to appeal to all alumni.

  • Recruit volunteers. More volunteers mean more future potential events, and your event is the perfect place to recruit them.
  • Choose your location carefully. Pick locations that have easy access, adequate capacity, and parking. You’ll also want to select a location that doesn’t require your guests to pay additional fees. Great options include:
    • A private room in a local restaurant
    • A bar or pub that serves food
    • A private home
    • A community center
    • A professional office
    • A museum
    • An art gallery
    • A park
    • A sporting event
  • Budget wisely. Work with the Alumni Relations team to identify a budget based on the number of alumni in your area and predicted attendance. Typically, a budget between $20-$40 per person should suffice.
  • Feature local alumni resources and expertise. Alumni can be great event speakers. Build your event around your alumni resource availability.

My event is just a few days away! What do I need to do to prepare?

Congratulations on getting to the finish line! Now is the time to contact the venue to re-confirm your reservation. You should also reach out to guests who have RSVP'd and remind them that the event will be soon.

It’s the day of my event! Any advice?

  • Arrive early to make sure the venue is arranged properly.
  • If possible, display a “Welcome UCSF Alumni” sign somewhere visible to guests.
  • Setup the site, including:
    • Registration table (with name tags)
    • Audio-visual equipment
    • UCSF swag table
    • Decorations
  • Recognize, greet, and sign in guests. (Don’t forget to send your completed sign-in sheets to the UCSF Alumni Relations office following the event.)
  • Take pictures for use on social media, future event promotion, and more.

My event is over! What should I do now?

  • Clean up. Check to make sure that everything is in satisfactory condition before you leave the event space.
  • Check in with the Alumni Relations office to let us know how the event went.
  • Email the Alumni Relations office with sign-in sheets, together with names of walk-ins and no-shows, so we can maintain accurate records.
  • Mail or email any receipts or final invoices to the Alumni Relations office.
  • Evaluate the success of the event to determine whether the event should be repeated or whether changes should be made for a future event.
  • Consider sending a thank you note to your vendors, guest speakers, volunteers, and other contributors. This simple gesture can foster great working relationships.
  • Complete the online event questionnaire and send it to the UCSF Alumni Relations office.
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