Together they organize events and provide direction and oversight for the UCSF Pharmacy Alumni Association (PAA). Their shared desire to support the School of Pharmacy and its community unites them.

Nomination Process

The Board of Governors elects a minimum of two new members per year. The nomination period typically opens in early February, and selections are made in advance of the PAA’s final annual meeting in late spring.
The Nominations Committee, which is chaired by the past president and includes the president and president-elect, considers all nominees and selects the final candidates for the approval of the rest of the board.

Any member of the Alumni Association may nominate a fellow alum for the Board of Governors. Self-nominations are also accepted. There is no formal application form and there are no formal requirements. However, successful candidates typically include a letter of interest, CV, and an endorsement or letter of support from a fellow alum.

2022 – 2023 Board

Mahtab Jafari, PharmD ’94

Lucy Saldana, PharmD ’84

Immediate Past President  
Greg Smith, PharmD ’92

Virginia Chu, PharmD ’98

Stewart Akahoshi, PharmD ’83

DEI Advisor
Maria Lopez, PharmD ’01

Board Members
Micah Ahazie, PharmD ’18
Kirsten Balano, PharmD ’91
Sharya Bourdet, PharmD ’00
Matthew Bryant, PharmD ’02
Alan Chuang, PharmD ’13
Lisa Ghotbi, PharmD ’91
Maria Hearns-Rivas, PharmD ’14
Colleen Higgs, PharmD ’82
Donald Kishi, PharmD ’68 (emeritus)
Brian Komoto, PharmD ’81
Adara Louis, PharmD ’04
Melissa Montez, PharmD ’00
Krystal Pong Dahl, PharmD ’11
Kethen So, PharmD ’95
Wilma Wong, PharmD ’73 (emerita)

Past PAA Board Members 

Dennis Adair ’64, Teresa Allard ’91, Vince Angell ’52*, Steve Bacon ’87, Steve Barriere ’73, Azah Borham ’92, Maureen Boro ’86, Bret Brodowy ’83, Lee Bufalini ’80, Gary Cartolano ’90,  Donna Chin Dare ’84, Robert Coleman ’69, Timothy Cutler ’00, Robert Day ’58 (emeritus), Betty Dong ’72, Katherine Eakle (Ramos) ’01, John Flaherty ’83, Dave Fong ’75, Michael Franchetti ’63, Wayzel Fuller ’71, Dan Furtado ’69, Robert Gibson ’54, Stuart Heard ’72, Toby Herfindal ’65, Joseph Hirschmann ’65, Shawn Houghtaling ’03, Derek Huang ’04, Nancy Ichiuji ’83, Barbara Jeter ’72, Martin Iyoya ’83, Luther Johnson ’74, Terry Kennedy ’65, Nelson Kobayashi ’63, Nancy Ryti Korman ’69, Peter Koshland ’00, Sharon Kotabe ’66, James Knoben ’71, Peter Kwok ’78, Gary Laird ’91, Lily Lee ’77, Bob Levin ’64, Alice Lo ’90, Alison Lum ’02, Fred Mayer ’54, Bob Miller ’64, Ed Muramoto ’83, Ron Nagata ’68, Christopher Oliva ’90, William Peterson ’52, Larry Pinson ’73, Cooky Quandt ’72, Barbara Saito ’76, Ken Schell ’84, Nathan Singer ’10, John Skhal ’71, Barry Smith ’64*, Deanna Sosnowchik ’11, Marilyn Stebbins ’88, Wendy Sui ’10, Denise Takahashi ’91, Iris Tam ’91, Dianne Tobias ‘71, Mimosa Tran ‘04, Geraldine Vayson ’74, Virginia White ’81, Joanne Yasuda ’94, Glenn Yokoyama, Sharon Youmans ’85, John S. Young ’54, Russ Zakarian ’76

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