Officers are elected to the UCSF NAA Executive Council biennially. Recruitment is currently underway.

2020 – 2021 Board 

Jennie Chin Hansen, MS ’72 

Immediate Past President
Pauline Chin, BS ’78, MS ’92

Board of Directors
Hardeep Aulakh, MS ’16
Arielle Bivas, MS ’14
Christine Cadelina, MS ’19
Naomi Harada, BS ’78, MS ’84
Maritza Lopez, MS ’11
Sarah Miller, MS ’11
Alex Alan Polendey Dumlao, MS ’11
Denisse Porter, MS ’19
Megan Rathon, MS ’17
Julie Rossie, MS ’05
Denise J. Scholz, MS ’16
Deborah M. Yano, BS ’78, MS ’87
Rita Yee, BS ’78, MS ’83

Engaged Former Board of Directors
Sylvia Andrade, MS ’10
Agatha Ekeh, MS ’97

Student Representatives
Ann Worth

Interested in joining the board?
We’re recruiting