Libraries and Journals

Expand your horizons with access to UCSF libraries and a selection of journals.

Libraries and Journals

UCSF is home to two library facilities – the Kalmanovitz Library on Parnassus Avenue, and the Mission Bay library. UCSF alumni can gain free access to both libraries and all the resources they contain, including free full text articles and books

Learn more about library access for UCSF alums online.

Electronic Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers

Access to UCSF libraries also gives UCSF alumni access to ProQuest, a subscription-based digital collection of thousands of peer-reviewed journals, magazines, and newspapers licensed by the UCSF Library for our alumni community.

Request access to ProQuest.

The Medical Heritage Library

The UCSF Library is collaborating with four other preeminent medical libraries on a project to digitize and make publicly accessible state medical journals. 

Visit the Medical Heritage Library (MHL) site to explore its substantial digital collection of American state medical-society journals, including 117 titles from 46 states, spanning 100 years of science.

Access to other UC Libraries 

In addition to all these resources, UCSF Alumni may be eligible for other UC library privileges. Policies vary from campus to campus, so please contact the UC campus to obtain their requirements. 

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