Grant Application Review Committee and Process: 

The Grant Application Review Committee will consist of the AAUCSF Treasurer, who will serve as Chair, along with the other members of the Executive Committee. The Executive Director of the UCSF Alumni Association will serve on the committee in an ex-officio capacity. 

The following criteria will be used in considering funding requests:

  • Effectiveness in reaching out to the broadest cross-section of alumni, or in reaching a strategically targeted segment of the alumni body and encouraging active participation
  • Degree to which there is collaboration with AAUCSF and the requesting organization 
  • Degree to which current students are part of the programming and create a sense of campus community 
  • Degree to which AAUCSF funds are supplemented by university and/or outside funds
  • Extent to which the university leadership supports the funding request

Each organization must submit a proposal to the AAUCSF Grant Application Review Committee.

More than one programming event/activity can be included in these proposals. No AAUCSF grant shall exceed $1,000 and no constituent organization shall receive more than $1,000 in grants in any fiscal year. All events must occur or expenditures must be posted on or before June 3 of the current fiscal year. 

Grant Payment/Reimbursement Process: 

In order for Alumni Relations to process grant payments in a timely manner, grant recipients must:

  • Submit invoices/receipts no later than three weeks from the date of your event or date of approval for other expenses, such as mailings, postage, etc.
  • Submit the Follow-Up Form to [email protected] within three days of the event.

Failure to adhere to the above timeline may result in loss of grant and/or may have an impact on future grant requests. 

All questions should be submitted to [email protected], after which we will notify the chair and distribute the proposal, via email, to the respective members of the committee. The committee will strive to make a decision no later than 14 business days after the original submission.

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