The board has four subcommittees:

  • Advocacy
  • Alumni Weekend
  • Diversity and Outreach
  • Student and Alumni

Members of the Board are elected based on their demonstrated leadership and commitment to UCSF and the Alumni Association. We aim to engage a diverse group of alumni eager to commit their time and share their wisdom. 

Board of Directors 

Judith Lamberti, MD ’78

Immediate Past President 
Biana Roykh, DDS ’06

Brian Komoto, PharmD ’81

Advocacy Committee Chair 
Todd Rabkin Golden, MS ’12

Alumni Weekend Committee Chair
Anna Edwards, PT ’67

Diversity and Outreach Committee Chair
LaJuan Hall, DDS ’94

Student-Alumni Engagement Committee Chair 
Kjeld Aamodt, DDS ’12, MS ’15

Members at Large 
Jeffrey Dieden, MD, Resident Alum
Jennifer Frazier, PhD ’99 
David Galgoczy, PhD ’07 
Carmen Hipona, DDS ’96
Yoona Kim, PharmD ’09
Jennifer Kinder, DPT ’10
David Smith, MD ’64
Iris Tam, PharmD ’91
Kimberly Topp, PhD, Postdoc Alum
William Wara, MD, Resident Alum
Deborah Yano-Ino, RN, MS ’87

Student Representative
Benjamin Adam Catching, PhD Candidate

University Alumni Relations
Mario Peraza, Executive Director 

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