Officers are elected to the UCSF MAA Executive Council biennially. 

2018–2019 Board of Directors

Alex Smith, MD ’02, MS ’99

Immediate Past President 
Yao Heng, MD ’87, Resident Alumna

Vice President 
Bernhard Votteri, MD ’64

Members at Large 
Kenneth M. Bermudez, MD ’92, Resident Alumnus
Megan Burns, MD ’90, Resident Alumna
Caley Castelein, MD ’98 
Neal H. Cohen, MD ’71, Resident Alum
John Fletcher, MD ’57
Gordon L. Fung, MD ’79 
Donna Hoghooghi, MD ’98, Resident Alumna
Ronald P. Karlsberg, MD ’73
Lorraine Massa, MD ’82, Resident Alumna, Clinical Fellow Alumna
Dawn McGuire, MD, Resident Alumna
Tom Nuckton, MD, Clinical Fellow Alum
Carolyn Petersen, MD, Clinical Fellow Alumna
Leon Smith-Harrison, MD ’79, Resident Alum
Frank Meyskens, Jr., MD ’72, Resident Alum
David N. Schindler, MD ’66, Resident Alum
Cary Savitch, MD, ’73, Resident Alumnus
Marc Schenker, MD, ’73
Peter Singer, MD, ’65
Ramona Tascoe, MD ’79
Barbara Tittle, MD ’75, Resident Alumna
Joan Wheelwright, MD ’51
Marilyn Wong, MD ’86

SOM Representative 
Neal H. Cohen, MD ’71, Resident Alumnus

Student Representative
Edwin Eshaghzadeh, DDS, MD ’22
Smrithi Sukumar, MS1

AAUCSF Council (medicine representative) 
Dawn McGuire, MD, Resident Alumna

University Alumni Relations
Katie Maloney, Senior Director 

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